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September 30th – October 1st, 2016
Denver, Colorado

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BVW17-BannerBarbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend! April 28th-30th, 2017
Milwaukee, WI



Coming December 2016!

Casket Girl-200x300 Icon AvatarThe next installment of the Mystic Series, CASKET GIRL.

Love Can Be Deadly

All he wants is to find a killer…

FBI Special Agent Josh Blake has seen some bizarre cases in his day. His latest case is one for the record books. He has multiple homicides, corpses drained of every ounce of blood, and no suspects. The party filled streets of New Orleans have witnessed more than its fair share of brutal murders, but when rumors surface that the French Quarter may be hiding an insidious monster bent on drenching the streets in dead bodies, he must suspend logic and place his trust in the mystical.

She wants a fresh start…

Isabel Toussánt left her family home in the bayou three year ago, cutting all ties with her abusive whisky swilling father, to forge a new life in the French Quarter. Now a successful business owner of Madam Toussánt’s Mystical Gifts in Jackson Square, and a Seer with voodoo roots. Except the foundation of her new life shatters as she is dragged into a deadly game when her business becomes the target of a serial killer and one of her employee’s winds up dead.

A passion neither expected…

Determined to stop the brutal slayings, Josh must rely on the beautiful Isabel who makes him question everything he has ever known about life and death all while surrendering to a desire hotter than a Bayou night. When Isabel disappears without a trace, with tourists flocking to the party capital for Halloween, and the body count continues to mount, Josh will be forced to push beyond the boundaries of what he thinks is possible and rescue the woman he loves, even if it means locking her up and throwing away the key.

Coming December 2016!


ANOINTED won the 2015 RomCon Readers Crown for Best Urban Fantasy!

Anointed Award PicThank you to all the Readers who voted for Anointed! Your support and love for this book means the world to me!








Out Now!


The Heart Never Forgets…

When world renowned psychic, Madelyn Rose, accepts a missing children’s case on the Navajo Reservation, she believes it is a case she is more than capable of solving. What she never expects is for Detective Bronx Daniels to dredge up images of their shared past life and challenge the foundation of her future. In the wide open spaces of the Arizona desert, Madelyn and Bronx are forced to rely upon each other for survival as they race to save the missing boys from the will of a madman. But with her life on the line, will Madelyn risk it all for a love that crosses time?






Anointed Visits ComicCons!
IMG_1267-JohnRhysDaviesJohn Rhys-Davies, widely known for his role as Gimli in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.








IMG_Billy BoydBilly Boyd, also of Lord of the Rings fame, who played Peregrin ‘Pippin’ Took.