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ANOINTED, the first book in my Cantati Chronicles Series is available now!!! I am so excited that you will finally get the chance to meet Alana Devereaux and see whether or not she has the resources to stop the Mutari. The Cantati Chronicles are first-person action paced urban fantasy series set in London and a few other dimensions, with a healthy dose of romance on the side. I hope you enjoy the worlds of the Cantati as much as I have.

In addition to writing Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romances, I am a Cub Reporter for Barbara Vey’s Blog Beyond Her Book on Publishers Weekly. Here are some of my articles if you’d like to take a look: RomCon Naughty & Nice Fantasy On The Bayou.

My latest article on PW is out: An Oscar Winner in the Family!

While you’re here, stop by the Chronicles page. Check out the Anointed playlist, of some fabulous artists who inspired some of my writing and tells a story in itself. Check out the updated calendar page for appearance dates. Be sure to check back for the latest news and updates.

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EXCITING NEWS!!! RUPTURED, a Cantati Chronicles Novella will be available September 25th, 2014!!

Ruptured - Ebook

It has been eighty-three years since the walls between Earth and Infernus fell, and now our world stands upon the razor’s edge of extinction. Demon platoons are marching upon us. My home, one of humanity’s last bastions of existence, is under siege.

My name is Alana Devereaux. I am the resident demon detector of Cantati Forces and Platoon Commander. My job is to hunt down the vermin unleashed upon my world, and I love it. I live for the day I can kick every last demon’s ass out of this world. Except as enemy forces reign down terror upon us, the Densare Council sentences me to a fate worse than death.

ON THE RADIO!!! I am visiting OTHER WORLDS OF ROMANCE Radio Show on September 29th, 2014 at 11:00 pm EST! Come join me!!!



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