Praise for Anointed

This is my very first review on my very first published novel and just need to share.

Rating 5 Stars


“Every once in a while, I come across a book/series that I know I’m going to love. Anointed grabbed me immediately and left me wanting more.

Maggie Mae Gallagher vividly creates a world on the brink of destruction. To save this world she then sends our heroine (Alana) back in time to stop the catastrophic events. Demons have flooded her world and Alana’s sole goal is to prevent that from happening.

Alana is an amazing character. She is a kick ass, demon fighting, warrior woman and the only hope for human kind. She also knows she will never be able to return to the ones she is fighting to save. Although she waivers, she never gives up. Alana is the ultimate heroine you can completely get behind!

Gaelen plays a wonderful brooding alpha male. When Alana and Gaelen meet it is explosive with the relationship remaining mostly volatile.

Amazing plot twist and unexpected turns had me riveted to the pages. I loved the twining of magic, supernatural and fantasy into this contemporary world.

Gallagher writes brilliant paranormal from page 1…I can’t wait to see where this story goes next!”

Tome Tender Book Blog