Mystic Series

MaggieMaeGallagher_CasketGirl_200CASKET GIRL
A Mystic Novel, Book Two

Love Can Be Deadly

All he wants is to find a killer…

FBI Special Agent Josh Blake has seen some bizarre cases in his day, and his latest cases are for the record books—multiple homicides in which the corpses have been drained of every ounce of blood. When rumors surface that the French Quarter may be home to an insidious monster bent on littering the streets with dead bodies, he must suspend logic and place his trust in the mystical.

She wants a fresh start…

Isabelle Toussánt left her family home in the bayou five years ago, cutting all ties with her abusive, whiskey-swilling stepfather to forge a new life in the French Quarter. Now she is a successful business owner of Madam Toussánt’s Mystical Gifts in Jackson Square and a Seer with voodoo roots. But the foundation of her new life crumbles when one of her employees winds up dead and she is dragged into a deadly game in which she becomes the target of a serial killer.

A passion neither expected…

Determined to stop the brutal slayings, Josh must rely on the beautiful Isabelle, who makes him question everything he has ever known about life and death, all while he surrenders to a desire hotter than a Bayou night. Then Isabelle disappears without a trace. With tourists flocking to the party capital for Halloween and the body count continuing to mount, Josh is forced to push beyond the boundaries of what he thinks is possible so he can rescue the woman he loves before it’s too

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MaggieMaeGallagher_RememberMe_200REMEMBER ME
A Mystic Novel, Book One

The Heart Never Forgets…

When world renowned psychic, Madelyn Rose, accepts a missing children’s case on the Navajo Reservation, she believes it is a case she is more than capable of solving. What she never expects is for Detective Bronx Daniels to dredge up images of their shared past life and challenge the foundation of her future. In the wide open spaces of the Arizona desert, Madelyn and Bronx are forced to rely upon each other for survival as they race to save the missing boys from the will of a madman. But with her life on the line, will Madelyn risk it all for a love that crosses time?

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  1. Wake Up by Arcade Fire
  2. Over My Head by The Fray
  3. Centuries by Fall Out Boy
  4. Crystal By Stevie Nicks
  5. This Kiss by Faith Hill
  6. Brighter Than The Sun by Colbie Caillat
  7. Waiting for the End by Linkin Park
  8. Stay (feat. Mikky Ekko) by Rhianna
  9. Remember Me by Josh Groban
  10. We Belong Together by Gavin DeGraw

 Excerpt from Remember Me

“Come on, let’s go.”

She nodded, and followed Bronx the quarter mile distance back to his house. She trailed him, watching as he pulled his cell phone from his pocket, liking the unheeded view of his backside in jeans.

“Jeff, contact the forensics team in Dilkon and have them meet me here on the double.” He hung up, his long legs eating up the short distance to his house. They didn’t stop until they stepped into his bathroom.

From the medicine cabinet above his sink, he removed antiseptic, peroxide and bandages then switched the faucet on. “Give me your hand.”

She prayed she wouldn’t have a vision when he touched her. Not now, when she was hurt. She extended her injured arm. He unwrapped his shirt from her wrist, tossing it on the counter. She hissed as the air hit the wound and blood seeped.


Very gently, with a soapy washcloth, he cleaned the cut, removing the blood from her wrist, yet he only touched her through the washcloth, which saved her from experiencing another past-life vision. She grimaced at the burning sting. Was that the key? That flesh-to-flesh contact made it happen? She tried to remember each place he had touched her. The gash was about three inches long but thankfully not deep enough to need stitches.

“This may hurt a bit,” Bronx murmured and poured hydrogen peroxide over the cut. The cool liquid hit her skin. She hissed at the searing sting. Blinking moisture from her eyes, she focused on his bare chest as a distraction from the white bubbling disinfectant.

“Sorry. Here.” Bronx bent and blew on the peroxide-covered wound as the liquid bubbled white. Her skin tingled, heating her blood, as his warm breath caressed her wrist. Bronx stopped blowing on her cut and stood straight. She watched the play of his muscles as they rippled when he turned, grabbing the antiseptic ointment. He lathered her cut with ointment before applying a bandage.

“Hold this in place for me,” he murmured. She placed her opposite hand on the bandage as he started wrapping up her wrist with gauze to keep the bandage in place. Their fingers tangled on a pass around her wrist. Glancing up at his face, Bronx’s image shifted, becoming Thunder Eagle for a moment.

As soon as their hands parted, his appearance shifted back to Bronx. Fascinated by the switch, she placed her hand upon his bare chest, testing her theory of skin contact. The picture shifted once again and she stared at Thunder Eagle. She did this a few times, putting her uninjured hand in the same spot and experienced the same results.

Bronx chuckled. “Is there something I can help you with?”

Maddie snatched her hand off Bronx’s chest. She glanced in his eyes. This close she noticed the tiny flecks of gold around his pupils. Embarrassed by her actions, her gaze dropped to his lips, which were surrounded by a day’s growth of dark stubble. She looked back up, an apology on the tip of her tongue. His expression had shifted, his brown eyes simmered. The air heated in the small confines of the tiny bathroom. In slow motion, he dipped his head toward her. He stared at her lips like they were a sumptuous feast and he was a starving man.

Her breath caught in her throat as her lips parted in anticipation. His mouth descended a hairsbreadth between his lips and hers. No sound except their twin heartbeats between them sounding like the drumbeat call. Each of them waited for the other to push forward. Maddie surrendered and closed her eyes as she felt her breath mingle with his.

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